Welcome to HRM’s fastest growing Family Martial Arts Club. At LeBlanc Taekwon-Do we focus on families and living by the teachings of the late founder – GENERAL CHOI HONG-HI.

The Club

LeBlanc Taekwon-Do was opened in 2009 and was the first school in the Martimes under the International Ch'ang Hon Taekwon-Do Federation.  Mr. LeBlanc was trained in the ITF version of Taekwon-Do and saw the need for a school which was more focused on family and fun. We believe we offer one of the best programs in the province, leading the way with our popular Lil Ninja Program.  We excel in the training of children ages 5 and up and offer a great activity for families to spend time together.  With 11 World Cup Champions training at our school, students are guaranteed to receive high level instructing.  We work closely with other ICTF schools which offers a special camaraderie that you do not receive with other federations.  Although we believe that competition is great for the development of students, it is not mandatory at our school.  Students can expect to be introduced to Mega Classes with other schools, Tournaments, Seminars and Demonstrations to enhance the Taekwon-Do Experience.


Benefits of Taekwon-Do Include:

  • Higher Self Confidence
  • Increased Strength
  • Better Flexibility
  • Enhanced Co-ordination
  • Bully Proofing for Children
  • Improved Cardio
  • Better Sleeping
  • Increased Concentration


We will provide the families of Tantallon, St. Margarets Bay and Hammonds Plains a safe and professional environment to become complete martial artists.  Our Instructors are among the top in the province and continue to attend seminars to stay relevant. 

Along with the traditional and entertaining training with other families and friends, we offer fun extra-curricular activities that include:

  • Tournaments, Seminars with Masters and Public Demonstrations.
  • LeBlanc Taekwon-Do is active in the community and often participates in charity events.
  • Your family will have the opportunity to directly help others, which is the Taekwon-Do way.
  • Day Camps (March Break, Summer and PD Days

New students are always welcome.

It is never too late to learn the World’s Most Popular Martial Art. With 3 locations and 4 other ICTF schools in the HRM, now is the time to come in and take advantage of a FREE WEEK and begin your journey to Black Belt.